What is TAVR?

TAVR can be the ideal approach for patients who suffer from aortic valve stenosis but are not appropriate candidates for open-heart surgery due to a higher risk of complications. When the heart’s valve has calcified and become thicker, it is unable to open as it should. This condition limits blood flow and leads to a set of uncomfortable and dangerous symptoms, such as chest pain, fainting, fatigue, shortness of breath, and swelling in the legs. This procedure involves replacing the faulty aortic valve with a new valve made of biological cow or pig tissue, which the human body can accept.

The Treatment – What to Expect?

You will not experience pain or discomfort during your procedure, either with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. During this minimally invasive procedure, your blood pressure and heart are monitored. The damaged heart valve is accessed through a blood vessel in your leg or through a tiny incision placed on your chest. A catheter (hollow tube) is inserted into the incision and moved into the correct position with X-ray image guidance. The catheter is gently and carefully advanced until it reaches the damaged aortic valve.  

Once in position, a balloon on the tip of the catheter expands the new valve into position. Once it is secured into the correct position, the catheter is removed, the incision closed, and your procedure is complete. This procedure is performed in the hospital, and you may spend several days following the surgery to be monitored during your recovery.

After Your TAVR

You may need to take blood-thinning medication after your surgery to prevent the formation of blood clots. We may advise you of the lifestyle changes that can help you feel better and enjoy a longer, healthier life. TAVR surgery has made it possible for many patients to repair an aortic valve and experience improved health.

After your surgery, you will be encouraged to take gentle walks, and in the days following your procedure, to slowly increase your activity level. You may need several weeks, or for some patients, months, to be able to return to all your usual activities.

Be patient, and allow your body to heal, so you enjoy the benefits for the years to come. Our heart specialist at San Diego Cardiac Center will be closely monitoring your recovery, and we are always available to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Why Choose San Diego Cardiac Center for TAVR?

Our team of specialists at San Diego Cardiac Center has four decades in practice, and we are honored to be considered the premier heart care clinic in the region. Our specialists at San Diego Cardiac Center deliver the full spectrum of advanced cardiac care with the highest level of expertise, warmth, and compassion.

Our team is progressive in adopting new therapies. We are continuously engaged in clinical research that allows us to gain access to newer, more successful procedures and therapies before these treatments become available at any other clinic in the region and frequently introduce cutting-edge cardiac procedures to the hospitals where we practice in the San Diego region. We treat all aspects of cardiac disease and have multiple doctors with subspecialties who provide high-quality care with compassion and personalized attention.

San Diego Cardiac Center is equipped with state-of-the-art systems and technology, and we deliver an array of newer procedures that are less invasive than traditional approaches, including TAVR treatments for patients who cannot undergo open-heart surgery.

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